Morden CC vs Ploughmans CC (Away) Sun 1st August 2021

Match report

One breakfast to rule them all
Not content with his great quest travelling across the whole great North/South London divide, Chairman of the breakfast club Bilbo Lane organised an early meet up at the local Harvester, right before the gates into the dark kingdom. In true Plough style, he was late, so VC Frodo Rumford stepped up ordering 7 full breakfasts for the hungry companions, just as the kitchen was closing. Much food and drink was consumed, and tales of the epic journey that lay ahead were shared.
One does not simply walk into Mordor
Well fed and watered, the 7 companions could now begin their true quest for the day, and walked around the corner through the secret path in the forest, appearing on the pitch of Mordor CC. The outfield was very damp but the square had been well covered, so the prospects of play looked good. After winning the toss and opting to bowl on a goblin green pitch with plenty of cloud spewing from Mount Doom, skipper Gandalf Parks and the 7 were soon joined by 4 more, to bring the fellowship up to its full strength of 11 for the game, special mention to newbie Legolas Peaker for galloping in all the way from Rivendell to fill in at late notice.
Not all those who wander are lost
With the new cherry in hand Frodo opened from the ring end, with Gimli Catanzariti charging in from the other. The Mordor cc openers were aggressive and went on the attack early, punishing anything short to the boundary on a surprisingly quick outfield. Combined with a few too many extras, they raced to 93 for no loss in 18 overs. After a typical swashbuckling breakthrough from Boromir Nair just before drinks, it was time for the fellowship to regroup. Sam-wise Cashwin had started well and continued after the break, extracting some nice turn and movement, and was unlucky not to have a couple more wickets. Merry Crane also bowled well without much luck, as did Legolas Peaker on his first outing.
When all is lost, look to the Warden 
It was left to Aragorn Taylor to finally come forward to meet his destiny. With plenty of F&G he took 3 well deserved wickets, as the run rate began to slow, and the fellowship were now creeping closer to the eye. With Gimli coming back on to finish his spell they both bowled a very tight last 6 overs that held Mordor to 210-6, when the total could have crept much higher. A great fightback from the fellowship. Tea was taken, and it looked like a getable total.
It is not the strength of the body, but the strength of the spirit
Gandalf attempted to rally the troops for the task ahead, Bilbo and Pippin Eaton confidently predicted a 211 partnership to win the game, but sadly this did not quite go to plan. Early wickets fell to some tight opening bowling, and the fellowship of the Plough needed to regroup. Gandalf, Aragorn and Rehan Elrond attempted to steady the ship, but the tide was turning against them. It took a huge middle order charge from Boromir and Gimli to take on the attack. Blow after blow was struck for 72 runs at over a run a ball. The fellowship began to wonder if they were finally about to reach the foot of the black mountain. Sadly the quick loss of both and then the rest of the fiery tail fairly soon after, meant the end of the fightback.
Your time will come. You will face the same Evil, and you will defeat it.
A quest too far on the day, but a few more runs early on and some more chances going our way could have easily changed the outcome. The fellowship retired to the bar to lick their wounds over a few beers and discuss their next adventure. Until September Mordor.
Gandalf the Grey aka Leon Parks

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