Ploughmans CC vs Clapham In CC (Home) Sun 2nd August 2020

Match Report

It was a normal Sunday at DSG as Ploughmans CC turned up to face Clapham In CC – a formidable foe with a strong record against the Plough. What was to follow was anything but normal.

The Hollies pitch resembled a minefield and all who dared play on it took their life into their own hands. Staying low and attacking the feet, rising up for a head shot, the pitch was a monster leaving a path of destruction.

A top order collapse had the Plough at 24/6, and all could be forgiven for thinking it was only a matter of time before an early trip to the bar.

Enter captain Tom Lonnen. “I’m not going to be ***ing embarrassed!” he cried like King Leonidas leading the 300 Spartans against the might of the Persian army. He stood tall and produced one of the truly fine captain’s knocks, dragging his team into the match with a mighty fine 80 runs. As the Hollies Monster continued its malicious ways, Stephen Britto boldly proclaimed “we’ve got too many runs” – the Plough finishing the innings with 123.

As the Plough gathered to take to the field, the Skipper implored his team to be lethal with the ball and ruthless in the field. Cheap runs given away today would be an act of treason. And my did the team respond.

Debutant Archie Fiddes had a fine day with the ball, displaying impressive pace on his way to 3/13. Ed Beesley bowled like a man possessed, striking fear into any batsman who dared take him on. Lonnen entered the fray and with his 2/5 the Plough could smell blood in the water. Stephenson took care of the tail with an excellent 3/14 and that was it. The Plough against all odds had won by an awesome 52 runs.

It is difficult to overexaggerate the courage and commitment shown in the field by the Plough today. This was a display befitting of what it means to play for the Plough, a performance full of energy, belief, sacrifice and desire. Every man put their body on the line for their club and teammates.

The spirit shown was exemplified by Robert Keogh, who truly gave no thought to his own well-being as he threw himself at the ball for the overthrow that set up Britto’s classy and precise run out. Liam Gray drew blood as he got low in the slip to prevent a boundary. These were some of many noteworthy fielding displays as the Plough simply refused to bow down.

For all in attendance this one was of the finest wins to be a part of, a match that will not be escaping the memory of anyone anytime soon. The kind of performance that makes you proud to belong to such a club.

Man of the match – T Lonnen

Plough on.


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