LEAGUE: Ottershaw CC vs Ploughmans CC (Away) Sat 25th July 2020

Match Report

After setting out from my house in the rain on Saturday morning it was safe to say a few of us were not expecting to get a full day’s play in. After arriving in easily the best group to the ground we were greeted by a lovely bunch of blokes from Ottershaw, who had also finished at the top end of division 1 last year and so would be a good test for us.

First things first – as we were still not allowed to use the change rooms, Paul was handed a questionable amount of bog roll and pointed in the direction of the woods.

Captain Bolsh leading from the front today wasn’t able to win the toss but not to worry – losing and being sent in to bowl is what we are used to and we do it well. The ground was lovely and big with plenty of value for shots and the pitch played nicely. The openers Gray and Bolsh set to work and picked up a wicket apiece. After a partnership from the home team the remaining Plough bowlers worked hard for a wicket each.

The innings came to an abrupt end. The rain had started about 15 overs in and didn’t stop. Between skippers it was decided to make the game 32 overs a side in the interest of saving the pitch.

With the home side getting 192 in 32 overs we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy chase given the worsening of conditions.

But that’s almost exactly what it was. Myself batting at number 4 got to enjoy 29.5 overs of wondering about batting in the rain, as new engine room pairing Steve Britto and Matthew Hickson did the dirty work and got through the hard periods so they could play shots when they needed too. While Matt Hickson fell with the score at 128, Pauly Hynes came in and effortlessly bought the game home along with Steve.

Another great performance from the plough with all players pulling their weight.


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