LEAGUE – Wimbledon Corinthians CC vs Ploughmans CC (Away) Sat 29th Jun 2019

Match Report

Plough today we played this… We don’t have another. Learn from it, be better and win the league.

Weirdly today we did a lot of things right…. We bowled first. Bush and Liam did what they do and took wickets in the first 10. Liam wasn’t at his best but that happens. Ash and Stu replaced the openers and absolutely smashed through their middle order. Silva  bowled a spell and ended with 1.

Stu 3
Ash 2
Bush 2
Silva 1

Yup they only had 9, all out for 103. They thought they would lose easy, they even sent their 11th man (who arrived 2 hours late) to the second team game to help them.

Myself and Stu walked out to bat hoping to chase down the score with ease and in turn have Hicko padded up for 90 minutes waiting to bat. We both preceded to hit two nice boundaries each and get out to a combination of good bowling and poor shot execution.

Hicko did his best James Vince impersonation with a well crafted 19 before edging behind.

Freddie played the worst shot he will play all year, Tsonas was adjudged caught down the leg side (sorry again mate) and Silva was cleaned up. Bush decided to try and hit every ball for 4, with minor success (out for 8).

We were 68 – 7 and in the mire….. At this point Nick Noodle played his most significant innings in a few years (31no)  and Tom Parrish (6no) showed a lot of talent and common sense by mostly playing straight remembering where their off stumps were and punishing anything loose.

We won but it was far harder than it should have been.



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