LEAGUE – Ploughmans CC vs Surrey Warriors CC (Home) Sat 27th April 2019

Match Report

After a fine opening weekend to the season where both the Plough and the sunshine dominated, we all hoped for the same again as we began our league campaign against newly formed Surrey Warriors at our delightful home ground. One thing for certain was that the sunshine from the previous weekend had not made itself available for selection. Gale force winds and sightscreens blown over was the order of the day instead, but a strong Plough XI were not deterred.

Winning the toss, captain Fred chose the familiar routine of last year and elected to bowl. Bolshaw and Gray opened up and before long another familiar pattern was emerging. One wicket down in the first over for Bolshaw, with Gray following suit almost immediately after. The Plough bang on top and starting the season well. Wind was clearly affecting the batsmen, not being able to deal with the pace and movement from the openers. This was exaggerated more when league debutante Steve Tsonas came on to bowl. Using his first over to find his lines and ramping up a few gears, Steve then went on to bowl one of the great Ploughmans spells. 8 overs and 5-10 later Steve was done and so too were Surrey Warriors. 4 LBW and a bowled, Steve for the second week in a row showed his class and the lack of need for fielders. In this time Gray and Spencer picked up one each, with catches taken in the usual fashion by Tisato at slip and in the unusual fashion off Noodles nipple by Spencer at Long On. The innings wrapped up with a direct hit from Spence off the flight and guile of Pretorius. A sublime continuation of last seasons league exploits with fielders on the money at all points despite the cold and bowlers, especially Steve putting us in position A going into the second innings. Surrey Warriors all out for 82.

Tea at the DSG was its usual self. Nothing says summer better than sitting inside sheltering from a hurricane eating a cheese and onion sandwich and a donut. Glad to be back, there really is nothing better than a cricket tea.

Second half was simple and routine. Few things to note are:

– Stu Campbell is good at batting
– James Tisato is good at batting
– Nick Ridgway is good at batting

These were the only three men required. Stu picked up where he left off with a tasty 37 not out including a huge 6. James Tisato got himself back in the chat about batting averages after last years hiatus and bagged himself another 31, with fours left, right and centre. Do not bowl short and wide to this man. Noodle was as resolute as ever and provided one of the classier 3 not outs that I’ve seen. Game over, runs chased in 12 overs and maximum points for the Plough. Surrey Warriors, Dispatched.

Man of the Match: Steve Tsonas – everyone loves a 5-fer

Dick of the day: Joint Nick Ridgway and Chris Silvapulle for one of the most village ground fielding attempts ever witnessed.

Plough on. Bolsh x

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