Ploughmans CC v Energy Exiles CC (Home) Sun 3rd June 2018

Match Report

On Sunday there was a buzz in the air. Maybe it was the fact we had 2 teams out on one day or maybe the Energy Exiles have something more to their name. Needless the excitement of being captain was in place. Going out and looking at the pitch you could feel it’s spring from a fresh rolling. The sun beat down as we walked out to the middle for the toss. I won.

This was all well and good, then I realised I had to decide and the jokes of the oppo ‘good toss to lose’ rattled around. Feeling as if the ‘John special’ of a pitch may degrade over the day and get even slower and lower I put us in to bat.

Britto and Lonnen strode out. Their opener was at the mark and he began his run up. The first ball shot through the ground off the bounce and was well kept off by Britto. That was a worrying sign. However after a couple of overs we had notched 6 runs.

Then a good nut removed Lonnen. Out strode the best T posing keeper in the northern hemisphere. Tom, knowing the risk this pitch held started tentatively but well. With some beautiful flowing languid Ian bell Like shots from Lockhart and a classic patient and gritty fight from Britto partnered with some excellent lifting and dispatching helped us move on to 51/1 off 22 overs.

At this point I looked around. We were building a strong innings and with the bowling talent the side contained I was confident we could kick in a secure a win. However beware the commentators curse.

Shortly after Lockhart fell to a nasty low ball, courtesy of the pitch. At this point the troubles began. Soon Britto followed to an equally nasty ball. Our middle order, even though some nice shots were seen, collapsed and the foundations of our innings were crumbling.

Going into tea 70 all out had not been the best thing. However with a quick refuel from an excellent spread we returned. We had seen the pitches devilish nature and rallied. If they can get us here why can’t we do it to them?

With Andrew McEwen and Liam Gray opening the bowling with possible back up in AJ, myself, Nigel, Lonnen, MJ and Lilly we had the weapons. Unfortunately, their man played us for a ride and the guy batting in jeans hit some beautiful shots. First managed to pick up Grayzer on a good length back over his head, and took 2 steps down to an adjusted shorter ball from Andrew just to flat bat it for 4. However hope shimmered on the desert horizon as Grayzer removed one of their batsmen. Seeing our runs being chased quickly however I moved off into our change bowlers. on came Angry Dad and Uncle. Some early precision from these two caused troubles and in 2 more overs we had 2 more wickets. Unfortunately Billie Jeans the batsman was still in the middle and picked up some not awful balls from Tom and ended the game.

A tough loss, however the bitterness of defeat can always be remedied with a simple fix. Beer. I’ll see you lot later in the season for more of it, whether we win or lose on the day, being back playing with the Plough is always a pleasure. Onwards with Tour!!!


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