Peshwa CC vs Ploughmans CC (Away) Sat 28th July 2018

Match Report

I’ve been tasked with writing this aide-memoire to Saturdays game versus Peshwa. I’ve considered writing about my season to date but have decided on a more “traditional” approach.

Firstly a big thank you to Leon for sorting a fixture after two false starts saw us play Peshwa a team we used to play in the Middlesex League.

Game Highlights

Hynes 63
Barras 4 for 21
Ash 2 for not many


Fred won the toss on a windy day in West London. Anyway we batted. Simon’s Boss played so naturally, opening the batting and crunching a few before smacking one to mid off to be caught for a quick fire 18.

Little Hynes walked in at 3 and batted well for a second week in a row (big Hynes would be proud). Driving the ball well in the V with pleasant clips off his pads. You know Paul is in nick when he gets to 30 and can’t remember any aggression. Paul was joined by Adam whose making Number 4 his spot with an aggressive 33 with some memorable punches through the off side. He particularly enjoyed running 2 to the 11 year old cover sweeper commenting ‘It happened to me in Aussie as a kid’. The bullied has become the bully.

Anyway some tidy contributions from Parks and Paul took us to 230 off our 40 overs.

Big thanks to Coxy for coming down to watch. It’s great to have you at games especially when you bring the Mac.

Tea was of an Eastern variety with spiced potato cake rolls and spicy chicken. Fred taking on Barras lead from earlier (upset an infant) by flirting with the 8 year old tea girl, asking her many questions about her school life and what she had made for the tea that made her run back to the safety of mummy. On a side note the Chobham Tea girl tops the list. Tea included a bottle of beer which was nice. Overall rating 7/10.

Anyway we had to field.

Tisato ‘assumed’ he was slip and stood there, with Leon in the gully. Paul was disappointed at mid on. I may have mentioned to him you’re probably the next slip mate if we need one.

Ash and Carson opened finding their line and length straight away. Ash bowled beautifully with excellent control and craft to pick up two with the new ball 6 over spell. During his 4th over ash demanded a stiffer cordon and Adam was asked to stand at second slip. A close to tears Hynes looked at me. The looked reminded me of when Cobie (my 8 year old) was 4 years old and lost her TY beanie. I encouraged him with “I’m sure you’re the next best slip fielder mate”

Carson (long time out) dusted off the cobwebs and got decent movement and pace (welcome back) to get 1 fer and have a second dropped behind. It’s good to have the club skipper back on the park. How sore were you on Monday evening mate?

Kesh bowled first change and in his second over rolled his ankle quite badly with Tisato having to take him to hospital, get well soon mate. Thanks to Tisato and the oppo for their efforts.

The oppo gave us a fielder who went to slip making Paulie our 5th best slip fielder at the ground.

Fred reviewed the options… Eek “we have 26 overs and Ash can only bowl 2 of them”. Apart from Barras we had a list of occasional to very occasional bowling left. The oppo needed 180 runs. Best we concentrate or this might get bad.

Barras stepped up taking 4 for 21 with his gear change off breaks. Highlights of his spell included a good diving catch by new boy Joe and two that spun sharply to take off and mid stump. Julian’s occasional left arm spin accounted for their hitter who found Hynes at slip…. sorry Cow.

All in all, a decent run out against a decent bunch of guys but ultimately a game we weren’t going to lose.


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