LEAGUE – Ploughmans CC v Croydon Lions CC (Home) Sat 7th July 2018

Match Report

As I start to write the match report for last Saturday’s league game, there is a tinge of guilt as this report will reach you a week after the game: I have gotten so good at this that I have stopped practicing. I then read Lonnen’s much elaborated email about the biggest event of the Plough a good month (or more) after the tour, a sense of comfort breeze through with a ‘better late than never’ cushion to myself.

Before I come to the actual match report:

I would just like to say again that tour was amazing, the tour report is brilliant. What a stellar job by Lonnen!! Do you buy it in lines, that was a winner and it cracks me up imagining it.

It would be blasphemous not to mentioned that, last Saturday was a week that a good majority of us spent a good amount of time and energy in contemplating that ‘it was coming home’ and we saw an England win at our home ground. How special was that aye!

Prior to the game Skipper Freddy had the Whatsapp group done and confirmations were coming through as expected. A bit of chat on what do we do for the footy and Freddy assured us that it won?t be missed. Makes me think of a question often asked by another Plough legend pre-WhatsApp era – ‘what if we were at war?’ ? I’d say, war would be easier with a WhatsApp group!

I started my day with Duray giving me a wakeup call at about 10:30am – Uber outside you house in 20 minutes. What a sweet man we have made out of him. When the Uber eventually turned up outside my pad, we were joined by the lovely Amy, our Club scorer for the day. Never since the day of Mrs Wilkinson have we had a supporter travel and join us just to score – there is hope in this world.

On to the cricket then, it was hot blistering day and everyone was busy with their sun cream before the toss was done. Eventually toss was done and we fielded, we were very pleased with that and actually super confident that we will roll Croydon Lions out and chase their total before the footy. There was an air of optimism with that when Bolsh took a wicket off the first ball and got the next batsman out for 6. Ironically it was not to be a short quick game as their next two bats hung around with one of their batsman ending up with a score of 62 to Duray.

With the quick success of Bolshaw and your truly didn’t make much of an impact, it was time for the next change of bowling much to the comfort of the Croydon batsman. That comfort faded away after about 2 mins as Dan, Rosco and Stu Campbell bowled with speed and venom. Stu bowled 9 overs for 25 with no wickets, now, that is a limited overs figure that I personally always like. Rosco bowled very well and was unlucky to get only 1 scalp, I thought he deserved more. DT troubled the batsmen every over, it was quite evident that they just want to see him off. Success as they say, is in the numbers but in all fairness, Duray and Bolshaw bowled exceptionally well and both bowled their 9 overs with 3 wickets each. Ploughmans eventually rolled up Croydon Lions for 184 in 44.5 overs.

The two teams took a break for an early tea and watch the World Cup. It was joyful ambience all over the place after England won the game and got through to the semis.

Chasing 184 was not a herculean task given the talent we had on the day. It was through consistent contribution from our middle order that saw us through. The were some nervy moments in the middle as we were losing wickets consistently to add to the agony the Croydon Lions noise (they were noisy). Solid contributions from Tisato (44), Barras (38) and Mills (37) got us to a comfortable position needed 10 odd runs with 3 wickets in hand. Plough wins by 3 wickets with 5.5 overs to spare.

Throughout the game, Skipper Freddy kept telling the team to play easy, play calm and not get our excitement out before the climax. The team followed this to the dot and it was a happy time at the field.

All in all, a great day, a win for the Plough, retaining top position in the league and a win for England!!

Plough On xx


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