Hobgoblin Nomads CC vs Ploughmans CC (Away) Sun 9th September 2018

Match Report

Up rock the PCC to one of the final matches of the year, captain courageous Spencer has requested everyone arrive at the ground by 12:30, most drag their slightly hungover rings at 12:45, but not to worry, at the point the hob Goblins have 2 players, a Sheila and medium sized dog, so far they seem to have the upper hand.

After dropping our bags under the shade of a large evergreen, chatting some bollocks and having a scratch around, its decided that our expert opinion on the pitch is in order. After my successful call on the girth of the ovals county deck I decide to take the lead. But upon approach of the roped of square we are met with a very much two toned deck, bright green in the guts, while seeming to be the victim of severe drought at either end, right on a good length, the bowlers begin to salivate, and batsmen start preparing their wills.

Their captain arrived and after a lengthy toss with spence somewhere out of view they came back and decided to put us in to bat. They took the field one short as someone had to babysit the dog, after we graciously offered to take up the task and the owners rude rebuttal of ‘no thanks’, we new that this was going to be a fiery contest.

Their bowler stood at his mark, the batsmen took guard, so the battle began!

Their fierce young quick galloped in towards the creek at great speed reminiscent in every way of Akhtar to Ponting on an absolute belta of a 1st day WACA deck! Only for the ball to pitch on a length and go through at about ankle height, obviously they’d neglected to pay their ball fees this season so we had to make do with demon of a wicket.

Up and down left and right the pitch had everything in it bar consistency!

Ridgway looked good early, so good in fact he was using his front thigh instead of the bat ‘keep your textbook he was heard shouting, I’m an unorthodox bat!’ before being cleaned the following ball from a sharp dipping length of a delivery.

That was just the beginning of the rollercoaster of wickets soon to come, with Jonesy’s trigger finger being awarded man of the match, RIP PCC batsmen.

After the top order failed it was time for captain courageous to stand up to the plate and show us how its done, front foot, back foot, he there for us. Plundering singles here and there, and a crushing cover drive for 4. Then tensions arose when he was given a vicious send-off eerily similar to a sock puppet show, confusion ensued.

Then came Jonesy and McEwan, the men of the hour, the business end, the dog, the tail that wags. Bludgeoning the ball all over the place and frustrating the enemy. They exceled in their effort but unfortunately couldn’t get us past 79, and we were bowled out.

So there we were, looking like we had no chance, 10 against a thousand, backs against the walls, the ANZACs in the team were just frothing to tear into them.

And tear into them Stew and Drew did! It was a classic display of fast bowling, our boys able to extract serious pace and bounce from the wicket. Wickets began to fall, team spirit was off the charts, and the chat was absolutely remarkable. 7 wickets were taken between them and our fielding was incredible, but 1 rock stood in our way, and the opener batsmen did bat well to post a 50, the only score for the gobbos. Unfortunately the plough went down in an epic contest that will be talked about for years to come. So off to pub it was for us to share in the old age custom of lager consumption, which paddy took one step further, managing to sneak in a cheeky Sunday roast much to the boys delight!

Andrew was the PCC player of the match with a great performance with both bat and ball.

Well done to all the Plough for playing and showing support, cricket was again the winner, with everyone having a great time, and the sport prospering yet again.


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