Ewell CC 3rd XI vs Ploughmans CC (Away) Sat 2nd June 2018

Match Report

And so the week started with a bank holiday and players already pumped for the big clash versus Ewell CC on Saturday. Having taken down the Lions of Croydon the week before.

It’s great this season not having to look for players and so the selection committee had a side to select as opposed to find… I think this is more fun for them and we should continue to give them this challenge.

Duray used his spare time busily scrapping the internet for information on the oppo. What we found out was this man was the danger (a big danger) but that also all you Apple haters out there Duray;s only got 7% battery at 2.41pm with his Samsung.

Anyway. Teams selected and we were ready for the week. SO ready that most of us arrived at the oppo ground by 1215. A short game of 3 a side football commenced where a side of Tisato, Barras and Bolsh were destroyed 11 nil by Kesh, Britto and Duray (some poetic licence).

Ovens was late and the first victim of if you’re late you buy a jug rule’. (Can we do this going forward?)

Right Game time. Duray won the Toss (tails never fails) and sent in the Ewell team to bat fresh from making 321 the week before. We opened with Bolsh and Stu. Both bowled well (in fairness I’ve seen Bolsh bowl better eg: 4 for 6 the week before). Stu removed the Ewell leftie bowled having him LBW the over before and not given, we had an early break through.

The number 3 walked in in a superman hat which I noted. Be his kryptonite Bolsh. The number three swung wildly for a while and ‘ruined’ Bolsh’s figures but we stayed to Duray’s words:

‘When I was fifteen years old I lost my mother and my father in the same month lads, same month. 12 brothers and sisters I was the youngest one of them, now I wasn’t ready either, but they needed me. Your team needs you today!

At 30 odd for 2 Kurt got involved taking one of the best three catches I’ve ever seen at the Plough. To set the seen the oppo start to cheer the boundary as from point Kurt did his own superman impression going full length to the left and up to take a stunner. It was that good that Paulie had to leave the field as his 18 year old spikes decide to decompose on the field. (These shoes are three years older than when Duray raised his family and became a leader).

When the openers finished the oppo were 30 odd for 4. Doozer and Thomas (nickname required) entered the game and basically dismantled the remaining batters. Paulie’s lack of traction allowed him to get to a dying ball. Adam Barraclough decide to hit one stump from 40 yards. The oppo were in tatters.

Thomas took 3 in 4 balls successfully bottled the hat trick balls. Plenty more chances if you bowl like that mate.

So??.. 50 all out! Wow just wow. Very good Plough.

We chased Adam, Oven and I hit a few before poor shot selection, poor execution and poor footwork in that order account for the top 3.

With 13 needed only Tis and Paul completed the job. A group of young girls decide to sit near the site screen to get a closer look at Tisato. I think his recently uploaded Tinder picture could be the reason.

Duray was an excellent captain on the day but did have a Shaun Pollock moment when the scores were on 50 tried to bring us off with one to win. Probably confirm the score before we chase mate.

So we won and the guy pictured above didn’t play.


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