Ploughmans CC v Super 11 CC (Home) Sun 3rd September 2017

Match Report

Fresh from defeating the South a few weeks back we three Northmen shared a Uber to Dulwich to face the Super 11?s, but not before the surge pricing fell to below 1.4. In retrospect, I kind of wish surge pricing had stopped us crossing the river but unfortunately it didn?t. Matt Rees frantically googled how shared pricing worked as Kevin Chairman Chau refused to provide his contact details and thereby the ability to split the fare. Anyway? we arrived and I was dully debited ?7.24. Job done and a great piece of work by Mr Rees, our best partnership of the day some would say.

Lonnen created mayhem 10 minutes before the start but relinquishing the captaincy and Buckley took charge of the 9.

Buckers successfully won the Toss and elected to bowl… Onto the park we galloped but not before what many present described as the best team talk of the year. A lot of ability not enough responsibility.

Lonnen freeing himself of any responsibility of others, opened with Jones both showing consistency and control but no success.

After about 8 overs of semi containment they were on about 45….Every over after that seemed to contain a 6?.. actually,?I?exaggerate there were only 16 in total??.16!.

Rich ran the changes, Firstly Uncle who showed control and craft to snag a stumping with Lockhart even using his hands; and then Adam with his gear change run up. Barras castle the opener with his first ball I believe and we were into them… Well no. Numbers 3 and 5 in particular, started to smash it everywhere. The number 3 was particularly annoying, playing well to make 130 but wearing tattoo sleeves during his innings. I do wonder if he only wears them whilst batting. He finished with an excellent 130. Adam continued to slug away to get his second.

Hamer had a go and bowled OK… You’ve bowled better Steve but accrued two wickets. Lockhart, bored of having little to kick behind the stumps removed the pads to have bowl and also bowled OK… But boundaries seemed plentiful.

Lonnen came back to remove a couple from the lower order including a lovely diving catch by Rich from behind the pegs. Jones returned to bowl their last man courtesy of an inside edge…

Off to tea we went requiring 280 odd? tea was ok?..

It then rained and the game ended in a tame no result?.. unfortunately not?.

We then made their attack look better than it was (it was good to be fair but we have faced better this year on a Sunday) and The Hollies look unplayable. The first four wickets were all bowled? Britto, Hamer, Barras and Lonnen all deceived by balls on better days they would avoid being dismissed with ease. At 12 for 4 things looked bleak? The Stumpgate pair of Lockhart and Chau remained firm for a few overs only for Chau to become the 5th bowled of the innings.

From the boundary Rich Buckley walks to the crease to repair the damage with Lockhart (I believe Jones was the 6th bowled prior to this happening). They did ok? From the boundary we play a game of whose bowling figures would be better than our team total?

Lonnen 26 phew..

Jones 32 thank Christ?

Lockhart 46 just about?.

All out for 47. We are better than that PLOUGHMAN! I?ll leave you with one thought?.

A lot of ability not enough responsibility?..

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