LEAGUE – Sutton Challengers CC A v Ploughmans CC (Away) Sat 13th May 2017

Match Report

This fine morning saw 11 fine ploughmen stroll into the absolute middle of nowhere town of Sutton.

After appreciating the fact nobody turned up in a suit or notably hungover, we decided to get changed in the middle of a field like absolute savages. After probably losing the toss the mighty Plough were delighted to be fielding first in some pretty average weather.

Opening with Grayzer and Ru Ru, the plough were ready to rumble. With the opening batsmen smacking the ball straight to worlds best primary school teacher (Bees), this was followed by a top edge being caught at fine leg from a Grayzer special. We later concluded that filth gets wickets.

Further wickets from Ru Ru and Grayzer put the Ploughmen on top with the score at 60-4. A captain?s change from Duray saw Beesley into the attack, his loopy leg spin had the batsmen all over the shop. Excellent fielding from Plough saw the run rate drop down, the might Bees came on and trapped the batsmen in front and a well deserved LBW was given! I think Bees might be superhuman….

With Sutton 80-5, Plough kept pressing for the next wickets and eventually patience paid off with the new chap ‘Bala’ claim some wickets on debut! Bala is a great addition to the Plough and hopefully will play in the near future.

Duray was doing some weird stuff with the ball and the batsmen literally had no idea. With wickets falling at either end, this absolute disguise of a number 11 batsmen comes out. At 120-7 (I think) Ajit superstar Prasad comes on with his worldy off spin, after an average start he manages to get the set batsmen to sky a ball straight to Ovens. Unfortunately Ovens who is still bitter about New Zealand’s series to defeat against India, then decides to drop the catch (100% deliberately might I add). The batsmen then decides to rub salt into wounds by smacking Ajit’s crappy short balls for too many boundaries (drop this guy next week skipper…)

After finishing on about 180, Ploughmen head out to bat with the newby James Spence and our token Italian, Barras. With some above average bowling the plough are put on the backfoot at 30-2, with some much needed rebuilding by Mr Spence and Paddy, the plough are 115-5 with plenty of time to go. With some tight bowling by some very questionable bowling actions, Plough realise they need to push on.

With the captain at the crease, some impetus is found and the scoreboard moves along nicely. Our top scorer of the season Mr Extras also chipping in nicely. Out of nowhere the Asian version of Captain Jack Sparrow on LSD spawns out of thin air and starts going mad on the cricket field, I don?t have any explanation or understanding of what happened there.

With dot balls accumulating, the asking rate increases, with the opening bowlers back on, scoring appears difficult and despite a valiant effort from the Plough, we fell short by 3 runs.

By no means were a walk over but unfortunately the Plough defeated!

Plenty of lessons to be learned and plenty of progress seen during the day. We also learned H is going to motorbike his way through India so please can all Ploughmen insist he gets medical insurance!

I’m still not sure who half of you guys are but can I say it?s been a pleasure playing cricket with you so far this season, hopefully we can win some games. Thank you for the warm welcome!

Go on the Plough!



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