Abdul Aziz CC v Ploughmans CC (Away) Sat 14th May 2016

Match Report

So the boys turned out with superb timing for the big return of Big Ben.

Unfortunately, Abdul had other ideas and decided to turn up at least an hour late. Nevertheless, we were sent out to the field with high hopes. Specific plans were put in place for the two Judas’ players, Barras and Parks, both playing for the opposition. Appeal first ball no matter what for Leon, and put all 9 fielders at midwicket for Barras. If only Grant had bowled the right line!

We ripped through them, getting them all out for a mere 78. Ed Beesley with stunning figures of 4-10 of his six overs, despite missing an easy runout somehow!

Into bat and it was the brothers who took center stage claiming the runs between them in about 10 overs or so. Ben Hynes scoring 52 not out, and Paul Hynes the balance.

Not a performance quite good enough to reclaim his player of the year award for Benny, but great to see the big lump back and in full swing.

Well done to all for a comfortable win. And thanks to those who unfortunately had nothing to do but still stuck with us in the pub afterwards!


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